About Us

Oceanhouse Media, Inc. is a leading publisher of more than 405 mobile and desktop apps for iOS (iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®), Android™, NOOK Tablets™, Kindle Fire™, HP TouchPad™ and Windows 8 devices. The company’s mantra is “Creativity with Purpose,” developing apps that uplift, educate and inspire.

Based in Encinitas, California, Oceanhouse Media was founded in January 2009 by Michel Kripalani, a veteran of the video gaming industry. Kripalani gained notoriety as a founder and the CEO of Presto Studios, creators of The Journeyman Project series and Myst III: Exile.

The Team

Our team is comprised of senior software developers who have shipped many best-selling products over the last 30 years. Many have roots in the video game space.


The company has licensing agreements in place with Dr. Seuss Enterprises, HarperCollins, Random House Children’s Books, Hay House Publishers, Zondervan (a division of HarperCollins), Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, Mercer Mayer, Soundprints, Andersen Press, Chronicle Books and others.


Here’s what some of our licensors have to say about working with us:

“Oceanhouse Media has been a great partner to assist us in navigating the digital landscape. Dr. Seuss revolutionized picture books with his classic The Cat in the Hat. Now the digital versions of his books captivate young readers just like Dr. Seuss would have wanted. What a wonderful way to continue his legacy!”

— Susan Brandt, President, Dr. Seuss Enterprises

“The team over at Oceanhouse Media understands how to effectively and creatively enhance the educational value of my books. They know the importance of focusing on reading and literacy in the digital book market. Plus, they’re great to work with. It’s wonderful to see the pages of my books turned into interactive apps that let kids explore different topics of growing up.”

— Mercer Mayer, author and illustrator of the Little Critter series

“We consider Oceanhouse Media to be a tremendous partner. The OM team communicates efficiently on all fronts—development, marketing, sales, etc. Not only have they created visually stunning apps, they always maintain the essence of the original book. We couldn’t be happier with the speed of production and attention to detail the Oceanhouse Media team delivers.”

— Annette Bourland, Senior Vice President and Publisher, Zondervan

“Hay House couldn’t have moved so quickly and successfully into the high growth app marketplace without the invaluable help of Oceanhuse Media.”

— Reid Tracy, CEO, Hay House, Inc.

“As licensors for two iconic properties, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer® and the lesser known Spookley the Square Pumpkin™, we experienced first-hand the special magic that Oceanhouse Media brings to these classics. They are a joy to collaborate with, are incredibly professional and detail-oriented, and are true visionaries in their field. We hope to spend many more years working together.”

— Jonathan Flom, Founder, Character Arts

“Working with Oceanhouse Media to translate my picture books into elegant apps has been extremely rewarding. From our initial agreement to making creative choices to the technical aspect of generating audio and image files that will work best for the app, the whole team has been impressively sharp and always friendly! The marketing power of Oceanhouse has also allowed my very first app to find its way to the front page of the iTunes store and in the virtual hands of many happy reviewers. All in all...a pleasure.”

— Eric Drachman, Founder, Kidwick Books

“Talent doesn't grow on trees. You've either "got it" or you don't. Oceanhouse Media have "it": an outfit that not only knows what they WANT to do, but have also mastered HOW to do it; and, most importantly, how to improve by what they learn: our original art looks great, the gameplay is smooth, the sounds are excellent, and the overall support and interaction – with both licensor and customer – is calm and joyous. We were consulted and encouraged to contribute as little or as much as we felt was important, and our overall take-away feeling makes us want to keep coming back for more. How many editors, producers or partners can YOU say that about?”

— Ari Frankel, Founder, child matters media, Once Upon a Potty: Boy, Once Upon a Potty: Girl

“Working with Oceanhouse Media has been a pleasure and we feel they have created exactly the right kind of app to bring ELMER to the public in book based app form.”

— Sarah Pakenham, Rights Director, Andersen Press

Interns / Contractors

San Diego-based students looking for internship positions are always welcome to apply. We often offer internships in software engineering, marketing and quality assurance positions.

We use a large pool of contractors in the process of developing apps. Graphic designers and qualified senior software engineers (with iOS or Android experience) are always invited to apply.

Affiliate Program

Are you interested in promoting Oceanhouse Media apps while making money for yourself? Apple will pay a 7% commission on sales of apps for traffic driven to the App Store by you. Learn more here... http://www.apple.com/itunes/affiliates/

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