Words of Wisdom for Women Who Do Too Much

by Anne Wilson Schaef

Anne Wilson Schaef, Ph.D., the bestselling author of Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much, brings you 50 cards to help you return to a state of peace and relaxation — offering a continual reminder that life does not have to be rushed and hectic. Filled with wisdom, humor, and tenderness, this beautifully illustrated card deck — created specifically for women on-the-go — will not only provide daily support, but will also contribute to your spiritual, emotional, and physical growth.

Close your eyes, ask for guidance, and then choose a card. Follow the message and watch what happens. Enjoy!

With the Words Of Wisdom For Women Who Do Too Much Cards app you can:

  • Experience 50 inspirational cards by Anne Wilson Schaef
  • Swipe between cards or shuffle them
  • View all cards “face up” for “face down” while choosing
  • Flip cards over to read Anne’s personal messages
  • E-mail inspiring cards to friends (view sample)
  • Save cards to your Photo Library and use as wallpaper

About the author

Anne Wilsom Schaef is a bestselling author and lecturer who has helped millions of people attain a healthy measure of calm in today's chaotic world. She is a lecturer, organizational consultant, former psychotherapist, and workshop leader who trains health care professionals throughout the world in Living Process Facilitation. She is the best-selling author of Meditiations for Women Who Do To Much.

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