Stop the Who noise or shower them with toys!

Grinchmas is a fun, casual game of skill and accuracy. Assume the role of The Grinch perched on Mt. Crumpit. Swipe the screen to throw either snowballs or presents down to Who-ville, depending on whether you feel “mean” or “merry.” Accuracy and speed determine your score.

  • Top-8 Paid App - Dec 2009
  • #1 Kids Game - Dec 2009
  • #2 Family Game - Dec 2009

Features two gameplay modes:

  • "Mean Grinch" - The Whos down in "Who-ville" are making too much Christmas NOISE, NOISE, NOISE! Splat each noisy Who house with snowballs to silence them. How long can you last before the noise overwhelms you?
  • "Merry Grinch" - The Grinch has had a change of heart and must deliver matching colored presents to the Who houses. How many presents can you deliver, to grow the Grinch's heart bigger, before time runs out?

Additional features:

  • Beautiful 3D artwork inspired by Dr. Seuss
  • Whimsical music and sound effects
  • Top 10 best scores are saved for each game mode
  • Suitable for all ages


"Grinchmas for the iPhone and iPod Touch is highly recommended for kids of all ages. It is a casual game that will most likely put you in the Christmas spirit." - AppModo

"The littler Whos in your house might enjoy it--the game skews cute, colorful, and Seussian" - CNET

"If you are in the market for some seasonal casual gaming that’s good fun you probably can’t go far wrong with this!" -

"Highly recommended" - FamilyGamerOnline

"So fun!" - Tech Talk for Moms

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