Grace Cards

by Cheryl Richardson

Grace Cards by Cheryl Richardson is a beautifully illustrated deck of 50 inspirational cards, now available on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Cheryl’s wisdom imparts grace, comfort, and gentle guidance alongside the stunning artwork of Christophe Vacher and Amoreno.

There is a benevolent force of energy available to guide your life, and it always has your best interests at heart. This energy is grace. When you open yourself to its influence, you’ll begin to see the signs, symbols, and messages that are placed in your path to lead you in the right direction.

Grace Cards are a practical way of working with this Divine Energy. Close your eyes, ask for guidance, and then choose a card. Follow the message and watch what happens. Enjoy!

With the Grace Card app you can:

  • Experience 50 inspirational cards by Cheryl Richardson
  • Swipe between cards or shuffle them
  • View all cards “face up” for “face down” while choosing
  • Flip cards over to read Cheryl’s personal messages
  • E-mail inspiring cards to friends (view sample)
  • Save cards to your Photo Library and use as wallpaper

About the author

Cheryl Richardson is the author of many best-selling books. Her work has been covered widely on national television, including The Oprah Winfrey Show, the Today Show, and Good Morning America. She is also featured in many top newspapers and magazines including The New York Times and Good Housekeeping.

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