Miraculous Angel Encounters
Chicken Soup
for the Soul

*** AN INSPIRING APP about angels, miracles, faith and answered prayers. ***

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Angels are all around us, but can you see them? Have you been overlooking the help that is offered to you? Learn how to recognize the angels around you and accept miracles. See how your prayers can be answered and deepen your faith. This dynamic app helps you benefit from the lessons in some of our bestselling stories, while sharing your personal stories and revelations with others in a unique shareable forum.

This app includes:

  • 21 Heartwarming Stories about angels, miracles and other divine occurrences from our bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul books
  • 21 Captivating Soul Work questions
  • A Private Personal Journal that you can share if you'd like
  • Bonus! Story comments from the supportive Chicken Soup for the Soul community
  • Bonus! Quotes to deepen your faith
  • Bonus! Audio Stories from Audible.com
  • Bonus! Audio Soul Minutes stories

In Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miraculous Angel Encounters, you will start your journey by reading and hearing about the many different forms angels have taken for other people, with stories and audio from many of our bestselling books. You’ll be inspired by ordinary people having extraordinary experiences. Answer thought-provoking Soul Work questions that provide you with a path to see your own angels. Finally, you can share your thoughts on your angels and miracles by participating in our community or, if you prefer to keep your thoughts private, capture them in your Journal.

Experience the world’s favorite stories in our exclusive app and see first-hand how we are “changing the world one story at a time®.” Who knows, the next life changing story could be yours!

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