Byron Barton Collection

by Byron Barton

Dive into 4 exciting Byron Barton interactive book apps for new readers! Explore pictures, learn new vocabulary, and personalize the story with your own narration. Enjoy Planes, Boats, Trains, and Trucks, all in one convenient place.

Explore the Story:

  • ENCOURAGE literacy skills with highlighted narration
  • LEARN new vocabulary with tappable words and pictures
  • INTERACT with animations & movable objects on every page!
  • RECORD your own narration & share it with others
  • KEEP kids in the story with parental controls

Designed for children ages 2-5

  • Planes: Interact with crop dusters, seaplanes, passengers and clouds and learn the many ways we use airplanes.
  • Boats: Experience the fun of rowboats, ferryboats, fishing boats and more as you make your way through the story.
  • Trains: Learn about the different types of trains as you travel through mountains and cities, moving freight trains, workers, passengers, and other objects around the page.
  • Trucks: Play with tow trucks, cement trucks, newspaper delivery trucks and more, tapping on pictures to learn their names.

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  • ★ Animations and movable objects on every page
  • ★ Picture / Word association — words zoom up and are spoken when pictures are touched
  • ★ Individual words highlight and are read aloud when tapped
  • ★ Professional audio narration
  • ★ Custom background audio for each scene
  • ★ Four short stories in one app!

This app only supports iOS 3.2 (and higher) and iPhone3GS (and newer) devices.

Listen to a sample:

Official HarperCollins licensed iPad/iPhone/iPod touch app:

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