Defy Gravity

by Caroline Myss

The Defy Gravity app by Caroline Myss is inspired by ordinary people who overcame a wide array of physical and psychological ailments. Having this app on your iPhone or iPod Touch is a great way to carry with you this enlightenment of what it means to break though the boundaries of ordinary thought to defy gravity and heal beyond the bounds of reason.

From rheumatoid arthritis to cancer, Caroline dives into the works of the great mystics to gain a deeper understanding of healing’s spiritual underpinnings. Integral to this mystical healing approach is the engagement of the soul, which we experience through exploring our seven shadow passions, building an empowered inner self around our seven inherent graces, and learning how to work with the mystical laws that govern it. With this knowledge you can heal any illness. You can channel grace. And you can learn to live fearlessly.

This app contains features that make it more powerful than simply listening to a CD or tape from start to finish.

With the Defy Gravity app you can:

  • Play individual, random messages with a single press of a button
  • View the entire playlist and select messages of your choice
  • Mark one (or more) messages as favorites to create a personalized custom playlist
  • Loop your playlist to repeat your favorite message(s) over and over

Total duration of audio: 283 minutes

About the Author

Caroline Myss has been in the field of energy medicine and human consciousness for 20 years. Since 1982, she has worked as a medical intuitive, providing individuals with an evaluation of the health of their energetic anatomy system. She specializes in assisting people in understanding the emotional, psychological, and physical reasons why their bodies have developed an illness. Caroline Myss is a New York Times best-selling author whose books include Anatomy of the Spirit, Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can, Sacred Contracts, and Entering the Castle. Caroline’s latest book, DEFY GRAVITY: Healing Beyond the Bounds of Reason, will be published by Hay House in October 2009. Listen to Caroline every week on

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