52 Cool Tricks for Kids

Chronicle Books

Amuse and intrigue your family and friends with this fun card deck app filled with easy-to-perform tricks. This whimsically-illustrated app is packed with 52 imaginative tricks, including Live Volcano, Genie in the Bottle and Disappearing Coins.

Sample card:

Materials: 6 pennies

1. Lay down 6 pennies and ask a friend to set them up in two rows of four pennies each.

2. They'll struggle until you put one penny on top of another and then place a penny on all four sides of the stack, making two rows of four pennies!

With 52 Cool Tricks for Kids card deck app you can:

  • Enjoy 52 different kid-friendly tricks
  • Swipe between cards or shuffle them
  • Flip cards over to see the corresponding trick
  • E-mail cards to friends

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