52 Things to Try Once in Your Life

Lynn Gordon

Get inspired to do the things you've always wanted to try at least once in your life. Use this whimsically-illustrated 52 card deck app to realize your fantasies, spice up your life, stretch your limits and rediscover your joie de vivre.

Sample card:

A Spontaneous Trip

On the spur of the moment (unplanned, within eight hours) get on a plane or fill the car with gas and take a trip. Anywhere. The point is to travel with little baggage, stretch your wings and exercise your ability to just leave everything. It's a tremendously freeing feeling to spontaneously execute such as adventure and temporarily walk away from your life.

With 52 Things to Try Once in Your Life card deck app you can:

  • Enjoy 52 different activities, perfect for thrill-seekers, armchair adventurers and intellectual heavyweights
  • Swipe between cards or shuffle them
  • Flip cards over to see the corresponding trick
  • E-mail cards to friends

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