52 Great Cheap Dates

Lynn Gordon

Looking for a great idea for an inexpensive date? 52 Great Cheap Dates is a playfully-illustrated card deck app where you'll find an assortment of fun, creative activities that won't challenge your budget. A little imagination, the right attitude and a delightful companion is all that's required to enjoy this app!

Sample card:

On a Clear Day

Take a blanket, binoculars, and hors d'oeuvres to the top of a hill, mountain, building, or any place where you'll have a panoramic view on a clear day. Meet at an appointed time and snap a picture of the view and you two. Make this spot a regular monthly or annual meeting spot - same place, same time, and document each reunion with a photo.

With 52 Great Cheap Dates card deck app you can:

  • Enjoy 52 different activities, perfect for afternoon adventures, serious seductions and romantic rendevous
  • Swipe between cards or shuffle them
  • Flip cards over to see the corresponding trick
  • E-mail cards to friends

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