It’s National Relaxation Day!

August 15th is National Relaxation Day and in celebration, two of our card apps from Chronicle Books, The Relax Deck and The Perfect Calm Deck, are just 99 cents all week! So please, everyone, take some time for yourself today to relax your mind and be at peace.

Each of these apps contain a set of fifty simple, practical exercises to relax the mind and body. You will find an inspirational image on one side of each card and a guided relaxation on the other. The relaxation exercises are easy to learn and use a combination of Eastern and Western techniques, such as meditation, visualization, breathing exercises, and massage. The techniques will help you to achieve a variety of relaxation goals – such as putting your problems into perspective, learning effective time management, and gaining greater control over your life.

So let’s all kick back and relax. Life’s stresses will always be waiting for us, so why not take a little time to enjoy life right now. Here’s to hoping you find relaxation today and every other day of the year! :)


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