A Bear Family Giveaway!

*** Today is August 1st and it’s time to announce the winner. Kylie Van der Hoek was randomly chosen from 74 total entries, and has just won an entire set of Berenstain Bears omBooks from the faith-based living lights series. Congratulations, Kylie! Look for an email from us in your inbox! *** 

Let’s celebrate summer with a 15-pack app giveaway from our favorite bear family! These 15 interactive omBooks are based on a special collection of Berenstain Bears titles called The Living Lights Series. All titles in this series are faith-based and teach children different lessons from the Bible. The Berenstain Bears and The Golden Rule focuses on this proverb: “Do to others what you would have them do to you.” -Matthew 7:12

Other Living Lights titles include The Berenstain Bears Say Their Prayers, The Berenstain Bears Hurry to Help, and The Berenstain Bears and the Gift of Courage. Click on the link to see all Berenstain Bears Living Lights omBooks.

Enter to win free copies of all 15 omBooks for your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch by leaving a comment telling us one important virtue you’re trying to teach your children! A winner will be chosen at random on August 1st and announced on our Facebook page and blog.

Good luck and we hope you’re having an APPsolutely fantastic summer!!

77 Responses to “A Bear Family Giveaway!”

  1. stephanie morris says:

    right now it’s ‘do unto others’ & ‘sharing’ in our house. they go hand in hand w/ my kids. one doesn’t share, other gets upset, one ends up whacking the other! they love the b.b. on sprout….maybe this can help them more than hearing it from me!

  2. Michelle says:

    I have a special need daughter and we are spending our summer learning about being a good friend and helping others.. These books would be so great for her device.
    Thanks for the chance.

  3. Sheila N. says:

    I feel it is important to teach kindness and empathy towards others by modelling it to our children and taking teachable moments throughout the day :) Thanks for the chance to win! The Berenstain bears are great books!!

  4. Joanna says:

    I have a 15 year old son with ASD. we have been teaching him all along is to be nice to everybody and be safe at all times. These collection of books will be a great for him as I am teaching him in a special needs Sunday School. It’ll be a great addition to his sunday school curriculum. Thank you!!!

  5. Sue says:

    The one thing that I am trying to teach my son is ‘to think of others first.’ Because when he learns to do that, then everything else follows. He’ll more easily share, help, be patient. He absolutely loves the Berenstain bears, and we would just adore these. Thank you so much for the opportunity to do so.

  6. Mary says:

    We’re working on being a good sport.

  7. Brandy says:

    I am trying to teach my boys to have patience and to treat others like they would like to be treated.

  8. Mandi schaumburg says:

    Empathy, acceptance, and forgiveness are important virtues to teach and model for our children

  9. Lora says:

    We are definitely working on “do unto others” in our house! My son is watching some Berenstain Bear videos right now, and we’ve been reading the books before bed. We love the lessons each book teaches us!

  10. Tammy Hadley says:

    I have a special needs son( 3) and a daughter ( 14) kourtney takes such good care of her brother you can see in her blog at http://aidensautisticworld.blogspot.com/.. she is teaching me how to treat others… she is teaching her brother right now about personal space and emotions… I am truely blessed

  11. Maya says:

    I’m trying to teach my Kids all good virtues .. but the top ones I concentrate on are Honesty, compassion & patience.

  12. Barbara Waller says:

    I am teaching my son that our hands stay down and that we do not touch people when we are out… He just love the Berestain Bears and watches the videos over and over again… We love the books on the ipad as we can take them eveywhere we go…
    Good luck everyone…

  13. MJ says:

    Taking turns and sharing! This is so hard for little ones, especially only children when suddenly everything is not MINE any longer.

  14. Kari Smith says:

    I have 3 children. My middle child, Kai has numerous special needs. We love the Berenstain Bears! :) I been trying very hard to teach my children that there is no normal just different. Treat everyone.. no matter if they are black or white, disabled or not, gay or straight, single or married, poor or rich all with the same respect as you would want to be treated yourself.

  15. Maureen says:

    Honesty. To us it is the most important. You can make a mistake, be a fool, be lazy for a day, hurt someone, use poor judgement, etc. If you are honest about your short comings and do not lie their is redemption. If you lie you are a coward. You are brave when you are honest.

  16. vicky hadley says:

    I’m trying very hard to teach my 4 sons to treat others how they would like to be treated themselves.

    Also patience.

  17. Phillip T says:

    We have 3 kids. 2 of them that watches Berenstain bears off of video on demand a lot. I am sure when the 3rd gets old enough, she will too. One of the biggest virtues we are trying to teach our kids is to share. Case in point, 2 of our kids are fighting over toys while I type this.

  18. Susan Mitchell says:

    We are trying to teach our son with autism how to treat others like he wants to be treated.

  19. I have a 7 year old son with Down syndrome, CP and severe brain damage. He is an olny child and we are working on sharing (especially Papa with his new cousin!). He absolutely LOVEs Berestain Bears! We also homeschool, so these would be good not just for reading to him but for when he learns to read too.

    THanks for the chance to win!!!

    Steph and Christopher

  20. mary costello says:

    kindness is thought word and deed.

  21. Amy Kolb says:

    I have identical twin sons with autism. One is non-verbal and learns the best thru the ipad. He would love to watch these books over and over again with hopes that lessons of being good to others and sharing are sinking in.

  22. Desiree Brown says:

    My son Quinn is 3 1/2 yrs old and we are instilling in him the virtue of “it is better to give then to receive”. We donate to the local family shelter and to the hospital unit I work on (NICU) all his clothes, toys and books that have been gently used but could make another Child/Family happy. He loves to go through is toy box and pick out stuff to put in his “gift bag” to the point that if he gets a new toy or book randomly (not for birthday or holiday) he goes and gets his bag lol…. Love that lil guy of mine :0)

  23. Karen Bess says:

    Wow, my two boys would love these. Ok, I would love them too! Learning to share is something that we are really working on in my house right now. My almost 4 year old ( with 1p36 Deletion Syndrome ) does not like sharing his toys with his 8 month old brother. Thank you so much for the chance to win this amazing prize!!!!

  24. Jennifer Garner says:

    My kids are grown and gone but are exceptional young men. I believe that giving them a good foundation was my job. This particular scripture is used by most parents at one time or another – even those who aren’t believers. We also had and read ever BB book available. Just think how much more engaging it must be on the iPad! Now I work with kiddos and their families at a public school and continue to share good old fashioned values.

  25. jenifer says:

    We teach our children that they can do anything they set their minds too despite their handicaps.

  26. Rebecca Aman says:

    My 9yo and 4yo boys are Autistic, so sharing and taking turns are the biggest challenges we are working on.

  27. Shawn says:

    My daughter has been going through a trying time of jealousy. She breaks down yelling very easy, and I often refer her back to one of the cases in the Berenstain Bears that dealt with the situation and asks her if she remembers it. We have 3 kids, and it’s very difficult for us to give time to each of them, so reading books together is a great event every evening for us.

  28. Lisa Higgins says:

    I have a special needs daughter and these would be fantastic for her iPad! We are working on patience this summer as she needs help working on waiting her turn :)

  29. Mavis says:

    Age appropriate task (goal setting) is our focus. Big brother needs to learn little sis can not do things he can yet due to comprenhension and saftey reasons.
    I would love the whole set of these to incorporate into our homeschooling program. We’ve used printable Berenstain paper dolls in a project earlyer on and it went over extremely well.

    I’ve only been able to get 1 of these apps thus far (sunday school) and it is wonderful.

    What a blessing it would be to win the whole set :)

  30. Jeannie says:

    I used the “Bears” to help teach my son the difference between greedy and giving.

  31. Larry N. says:

    Our son Noah is working on patience, and to slow down!

  32. We have a pretty good collection of the Berenstain Bears books – and read at least two nearly every night! We’re working on fostering a complete trust in God, knowing Him personally, and believing that He answers prayers. So far, my kids have had enough answered prayers that they have NO doubt! PTL!

  33. Jeremy says:

    I am always trying to teach my elementary autism class about appropriate behavior (no hitting, spitting, etc.), sharing, and taking turns. The Berenstain Bears series would a great addition to our class’ digital library on the iPad!!

  34. Kristi Smith says:

    Wow First have to say I love Love Berenstain bears and second Wow this is such an amazing give away Ocean House Media you Guys Rock. My boys are special needs and these are such great books to help teach them about friendship, manners etc I would say right now we have been talking about what it means to be a friend and how to be a good one. I am crossing fingers and Toes as this would be such an awesome Blessing to win. Thank you

  35. Kandy DeLeon says:

    I am teaching my son to treat people the way you want to be treated. And how to share with others.

  36. Mrs. Magee says:

    While I do not have children of my own, I am a first grade teacher and have a classroom full of children that I try to teach important lessons to such as how to be respectful to others and treat everyone fairly and with kindness. Sharing and compromise is huge in first grade and I try to teach my students strategies about how to get along with others. This would be awesome for my class!

  37. Julie W says:

    We are trying to work serving Jesus through serving others. In fact, our family went on a missions trip together this summer. One of the reasons we went was to show my son the joy and blessings you receive by helping others. We are going to the adoption process, and I would APPsolutely LOVE to win these books for my son to read to our new baby! Thanks for the chance. :)

  38. Jeanna Bryson says:

    To love one another as God loves everyone. Treat others with kindness, by caring and sharing. AGAPE!

  39. One virtue that is very important to our family is patience. Our son could never be a doctor because he never has patients. *insert joke drum roll here* Seriously though, patience is important on so many different levels, especially when the world we live in now seems to be going so fast that no one has time to stop and say hello, shake someones hand, or even read a good book. :)

  40. Barbara DeLarwelle says:

    Tolerence, all people are different and we all need to learn to accept and work with these differences.

  41. Christina Hasty says:

    Hello. My little boy is autistic and we are trying to teach him kindness right now. Your books would be a wonderful addition to assist us in building this virtue. I love they that are faith-based! Fingers crossed and thank you for offering such an amazing giveaway to all! :)

  42. Anna says:

    Ours is the old tricky one of not judging and to accept people for who they are. So far it is our special needs son who is leading the way and setting beautiful examples for our other three children – just one of the many reasons why he is so loved!!

  43. VW says:

    Honesty – the virtue I am trying to teach my children.
    The Berenstain Bears and the Big Road Race was the 1st book I brought for my son to read all by himself – I was told that he may never learn to read. So I will always remember buying this book.

  44. Kylie Van der Hoek says:

    I think one of the most important lessons I can teach my daughter is to be compassionate towards others. She has a big heart so I am thankful that this lesson is coming easy to her. Its is our responsibility as parents to make sure the next generation grow up to be kind and loving and responsible people, and these beautiful apps help reinforce this, fantastic!! :)

  45. Mary M says:

    I am trying to teach my kids to treat others as they wish to be treated themselves. I have a 7 yo and 4 yo twins, one of the twins has SPD and tends to lash out if he gets touched or overwhelmed so this is a challenging but important lesson for him to learn

  46. Carol says:

    I am trying to teach my boys to share and treat others with respect. As they get older, we will continue to work on the Golden Rule.

  47. Katie Zuehlke says:

    We try hard to teach our boys to have empathy.

  48. Caitlin says:

    Our biggest right now are honesty and understanding….

  49. Brandon Meyer says:

    Trying to teach my 9 month old the importance of the word “No”. This comes into play when he gets into things he shouldn’t (i.e. power cords). My wife uses it about as many times as Shia Labeouf does in any of the Transformers movies. He’s slowly getting the point. Still, knowing how to listen when mom and dad say “No” is important, but then rewarding when “Yes” is used.

  50. Amanda says:

    How wonderful that they are avaiable on the android market! We are left out of alot of cool apps because they are only for ipads. My kids love the Berenstain Bears. The topics of these books would be wonderful for us, since we are currently working on sharing, playing games, helping, you know all the “good friend” behaviors. :)

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