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Chronicle Books

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Today, we are finally able to disclose OMs second major license deal. We have signed an agreement with Chronicle Books to adapt many of their fantastic products to the iPhone. We will start in the “Mind/Body/Spirit” category and work our way out from there. The best part is that three of these apps are shipping immediately!

The Essential Meditations Deck — 50 Exercises to Focus the Mind — In our hectic world, we often forget to take even a few minutes of quiet, contemplative time for ourselves each day. Let the Essential Meditations Deck be your reminder. This portable deck provides an enjoyable entree to the practice of meditation – helping you focus, reflect, and find balance.

The Perfect Calm Deck — Deep within each of us lies a well of inner calm. Figuring out how to tap into it – even for a few minutes each day – is essential for well-being and peace of mind. With an inspirational image and a simple guided exercise on each card, this handy app will help you relax both mind and body and appreciate the simple pleasures all around you.

Celtic Wisdom Deck — The magical tales of the Celts offer important life lessons. The Celts have long been revered as wise storytellers. With a vibrant illustration on one side and a nugget of ancient Celtic wisdom on the other, this app will guide and inspire you on your own path to personal enrichment.