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“Bowls” is ranked #10 in sales

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Top 10 Paid Apps in MusicWe awoke this morning to find that “Bowls” had climbed to the #10 spot of all Paid Apps in the Music category. Yesterday, we were #21. The day prior, we were unranked. What a huge shift!

The iTunes AppStore is a very tough place to sell a product. In an ocean of 34,000 apps how does one go about getting noticed? Sure, we had a nice little sales bump when we first shipped “Bowls”, but it was short lived. Within a few weeks, “Bowls” was buried with all of the other apps struggling to get noticed.

Then it happened. Someone at Apple decided that they liked our app. With one chance decision we were placed on the front page of the AppStore and everything changed. Doors opened. Sales jumped.

My wife and I refer to this person as our “Apple Angel.” We have no idea who they are. We do, however, strongly believe that we have made the right decision to start this business. Events like this only reinforce that belief.

To whomever is enjoying “Bowls” at Apple and to all of those who continue to support Oceanhouse Media and spread the word of our products, we are grateful and we are thankful.

“Bowls” a Staff Favorite on the AppStore!

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Very, very cool. What else to say…?  We are very thankful.

Screenshot of App Store